Hi friends — Lang Elliott here! Below is a list of some of my recent projects; click the links for more information. Go to Licensing Media if you want to acquire sound recordings or other media for use in your own projects. To keep track of my latest products and read blog posts, please sign up for my newsletter on my main website, musicofnature.com.


photo of the Music of Nature logo and taglineThe Music of Nature Web Site – If you appreciate the sounds of nature, especially the songs and calls of our native birds, frogs, insects, and mammals, you are sure to like this web site! We have a growing line of Pure Nature Soundscape Recordings (available for sale as MP3 digital downloads; CDs will be added soon) that will help you relax and de-stress. Bring nature’s voices into your home where you can enjoy them during any season of the year!

The Nature Bubble Web Site – This is my newest online project. The Nature Bubble will be a collection of writings (by yours truly) that cover topics related to how we humans interact with nature, with emphasis on connecting intimately to nature by surrendering to the senses. My general plan is to “blog a book” by posting essays and then finally organizing them into an actual product. This is your chance to join me in the process; your comments will be welcome!

photo of the cover of Music of the Birds V1“Music of the Birds V1 eBook for the iPad – This new electronic book that I’ve co-authored with Marie Read covers 20 Northern American birds and features superb photos, high definition video footage, excellent sound recordings, and engaging text and range maps of each species. We created this multimedia eBook using Apple’s new iBook Author software. If you have an iPad, please check out the free sample!

photo of Birdtunes App interfaceBirdTunes App for the iPhone – With the help of my partner Harold Mills, we are beginning to churn out apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Our first product is BirdTunes, an encyclopedia of the songs and calls of 674 North American birds. There are several versions and one is free. The complete version, which costs about ten bucks, features nearly 2500 sound recordings! If you’re interested in bird sounds, this is the app for you!

Photo of the SongFinder bird song listening deviceSongFinder Bird Song Listening Device – If you are no longer able to hear high-pitched bird songs, then I have very good news for you: The SongFinder, a listening device developed especially for birders with high frequency hearing loss. The SongFinder takes high bird songs and lowers their pitch into a range where your hearing is more normal. I co-developed this device with my partner Herb Susmann, an electronic engineer who builds the units. Visit our web site to determine if the SongFinder is for you!

cover photo of Books & CDsBooks & CDs - Go here to see a list of my various books-with-cds that are still in print, including such titles as Common Birds and Their Songs, The Songs of Wild Birds, The Songs of Insects, The Frogs and Toads of North America, A Guide to Night Sounds, A Guide to Wildlife Sounds, Know Your Bird Sounds V1 & V2, and more. Links for purchases online are provided.

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